Exams - Thorough examination of the entire mouth, including hard and soft tissue. Oral cancer screening, restorative assessment, periodontal charting, orthodontic exam, and radiographic exams are included in each exam.

Cleaning - Use of ultrasonic, hand scaling, flossing, polishing, and brush-on fluoride to clean teeth and remove stains.

Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing - Non-surgical scaling and root planing in an effort to get the gums and bone attachment to a state of health.

X-Rays - Diagnosis and treatment planning through bitewing and periapical x-rays.

Teeth Whitening - Bleaching of stained or dark teeth through in-office procedures or take-home trays and bleach kits.

Dental Veneers - Thin pieces of porcelain or composite glued to fronts of teeth.

Crowns - Full coverage restorations of teeth, covering the entire surface of the tooth above the gum line.

All-Ceramic Crowns - The most attractive and durable crowns available. New materials resist fractures and make it possible to successfully apply these crowns to front and back teeth.

Dentures - Full-mouth teeth replacement. Implants - Tooth replacement in which a titanium post is inserted into the jaw bone and an abutment attached. A crown is then placed over the abutment, replacing the missing tooth.

Partial Dentures - Both metal and nonmetal frameworks for replacement of missing teeth anywhere in the arch.

Bonding - Repair of broken teeth using composite resins.

Fillings - Repair of decayed or broken teeth using metal or composite resins. Tooth-colored composite resins can be used for strong lifelike fillings anywhere in the mouth.

Root Canals - Pulpal removal in a decayed or broken tooth, eliminating the need for extraction. We use endodontists for help with difficult root canals or molar root canals.

Pulp Capping - Sealing a tooth with advanced decay in an effort to protect the pulp from dying and requiring a root canal or extraction.

Extractions - Pediatric and adult tooth removal of teeth with poor or hopeless prognosis.

Sealing - Sealing fissures and grooves in molars and premolars with a flowable composite resin to prevent decay.

Preventive Resin Restorations - Sealing fissures and grooves in molars and premolars with a flowable composite resin in cases where staining or decay has entered grooves or fissures.

Fluoride Treatments - Brush-on fluoride foam applied to teeth after cleaning to strengthen the teeth and prevent decay.

Kids Fillings - Use of blue, yellow, super white, or tooth-colored composite resins to make fillings fun for kids.

Temporary Fillings - Filling broken or decayed teeth in an emergency to last until we can schedule a full treatment.

Tooth Replacement Partials - Quick replacement of one or more teeth when teeth are present on either side of the opening. Done as an interim treatment to a permanent bridge or implant.

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